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PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 8:31 am 
The Petro-Chemical Trust Calls It Preposterous.

Although an old piece, still accurate today as it was then.

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PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 10:32 am 

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It's ironic how the industrial complex talks down to the masses. Today Al Gore is on a campaign against global warming and they are using the same 'Swift-boat' tactics use against Kerry in the last campaign. Down to using the 'Nazi' anology.

What is 50 cubic miles? That was the loss of ice from Greenland las year; glaciers in Alaska have retreated, Glacier National Park might not be anymore and even here in Washington (the most heavily glaciated state in the lower 48) we are seeing the reduction in size.

Hey, it's just a natural cycle, right?

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PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 11:03 am 
No doubt about it, it's part of an on going cycle. This has happen many times in the past, an ice age is followed by a warming period. Actually, it is cooler today than it was before the industrial revolution and the burning of fossil fuels.

Interesting to note, that the glacier on Mars is reducing is size also, but they aren't burning any fossil fuels there. There has been, however, a recent upsurge in solar energy.

According to a September 20 NASA news release, "for three Mars summers in a row, deposits of frozen carbon dioxide near Mars' south pole have shrunk from the previous year's size, suggesting a climate change in progress." Because a Martian year is approximately twice as long as an Earth year, the shrinking of the Martian polar ice cap has been ongoing for at least six Earth years.

The shrinking is substantial. According to Michael Malin, principal investigator for the Mars Orbiter Camera, the polar ice cap is shrinking at "a prodigious rate."

"The images, documenting changes from 1999 to 2005, suggest the climate on Mars is presently warmer, and perhaps getting warmer still, than it was several decades or centuries ago," reported Yahoo News on September 20.

Scientists are not sure whether the Martian warming is entirely due to Mars-specific forces or may be the result of other forces, such as increasing solar output, which would explain much of the recent asserted warming of the Earth as well.

More information on this report:

But you have to keep in mind that Al Gore during the Clinton Administration, when he wasn't busy inventing the INTERNET, was the push behind the global warming scare/scam.

The Earth?s climate is changing in a dramatic way, with immense danger for man and the natural systems that sustain him. This was the frightening message broadcast to us by environmentalists in the recent past. Here are some of their prophecies. The facts have emerged, in recent years and months, from research into past ice ages. They imply that the threat of a new ice age must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for mankind. (Nigel Calder, former editor of New Scientist, in International Wildlife, July 1975)

The cooling has already killed thousands of people in poor nations.... If it continues, and no strong measures are taken to deal with it, the cooling will cause world famine, world chaos, and probably world war, and this could all come about by the year 2000. (Lowe Ponte, The Cooling, 1976)

As recently as January 1994, the supreme authority on matters environmental, Time magazine, wrote: The ice age cometh? Last week?s big chill was a reminder that the Earth?s climate can change at any time.... The last one [ice age] ended 10,000 years ago; the next one ? for there will be a next one ? could start tens of thousands of years from now. Or tens of years. Or it may have already started.

The most reliable measurements show no change whatsoever in global temperatures over the last 20 years. What has changed is the perception that Global Warming makes a better scare than the Coming Ice Age.

The scare about global cooling was always the same: unprecedented low temperatures; the coldest weather ever recorded; unusual floods and storms; a rapid shift in the world?s climate towards an icy apocalypse. Now, however, the scare is about global warming. To convert from the first scare to the second, all you have to do is substitute ?the coldest weather ever recorded? with ?the warmest weather ever recorded?. Replace the icicles hanging from oranges in California with melting glaciers on Mount Everest, and the shivering armadillos with sweltering polar bears. We were going to freeze but now we are going to fry. Even the White House is making cautionary sounds about warming.

A good environmental scare needs two ingredients. The first is impending catastrophe. The second is a suitable culprit to blame. In the second case, the ice age fails and global warming is gloriously successful. It is not the destruction itself of Sodom and Gomorrah that makes the story so appealing but the fact that they were destroyed because they were so sinful. One of the real threats to mankind is the danger of collision with a large asteroid. It has happened in the past with catastrophic effect, and it will probably happen again. But there are no conferences, resolutions, gatherings, protests and newspaper headlines about asteroid impacts. The reason is that you cannot find anyone suitable to blame for them. If you could persuade people that President Bush or the oil companies were responsible for the asteroids, I guarantee that there would be a billion-dollar campaign to ?raise awareness? about the asteroid danger, with sonorous editorials in all the papers.

Global warming has the perfect culprit: naughty, industrialized, advanced, consuming, Western man, who has made himself very rich by burning a lot of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas). This, so the scare goes, is releasing a lot of carbon dioxide, which is dangerously heating up the world. There are two facts in the scare. First, it is true that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas ? one which traps heat on Earth. (Without it, the Earth would be too cold for life.) Second, it is true that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is rising. The rest is guesswork.

More can be found at:

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