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PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:29 pm 
I've read this article before but today I read it again and decided some of you might want to know.

According to an article on page 126 in Aroideana. volume 32, 2009, the plant known as Hilo Beauty is a Caladium, not an Alocasia. An article written by Dr. Wilbert Hetterscheid he explains the species is relatively new to science and was never properly identified. It is also unknown where this plant originated in nature.

The correct species name is Caladium praetermissum and little is known about the species. All references to this plant being either an Alocasia or a Xanthosoma do not take into consideration the requirements for those genera. The plant does however fit the genus Caladium.

From the Kew's CATE Araceae the requirements for the genus Caladium are:

Distinguishing Features: Tuberous geophytes; leaves usually peltate, blade often variegated, cordate-sagittate, sagittate or rarely trisect, fine venation reticulate, inframarginal collective vein present; spathe strongly constricted, blade withering immediately after anthesis, tube persistent; spadix fertile to apex; flowers unisexual, perigone absent; male flowers forming a truncate synandrium, pollen shed in monads. Differs from Scaphispatha in spathe tube always convolute at anthesis, well developed sterile flowers between male and female zones, stylar region as broad as ovary (Caladium paradoxum has discoid, coherent stylar regions), placentas 1-2 (-3), parietal to subbasal.

It appears the name "Alocasia" Hilo Beauty dates back to an incorrect entry in Graf's Exotica.

Aroideana is the journal of the International Aroid Society.

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